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Lipton Tea K-Cups 12 Pods, Pack of 6

Lipton Tea K-Cups 12 Pods, Pack of 6


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Product Description


Deliciously Flavorful Tea in K-Cups:

Experience the delightful taste of Lipton tea with a refreshing blend of orange pekoe and pekoe-cut black tea leaves, meticulously picked at their peak of freshness to ensure a satisfying taste year-round. Start your day with a boost of energy by enjoying Lipton's caffeinated Natural Energy Premium Black Tea.

Easy to Make:

Brewing your favorite Lipton tea is a breeze. Simply place your glass filled with ice under your brewer, add a K-Cup, brew, sip, and enjoy. Whether you prefer your tea hot or iced, Lipton Natural Energy Premium Black Tea provides a sweet and satisfying beverage option for any time of day or night regardless of the season.

Retailer Benefits:

By partnering with UTN Wholesale, retailers get access to a popular beverage choice for Keurig users at retailer-friendly deals. With Lipton's trusted brand name and the convenience of single-serve pods, retailers can attract busy consumers seeking quick and flavorful tea options. UTN Wholesale's efficient distribution network ensures timely delivery, allowing retailers to maintain a well-stocked inventory at Amazon FBA.



 1- What is included in each pack?

Each pack contains 12 K-Cup pods of Lipton Natural Energy Premium Black Tea, offering a blend of caffeine, pekoe-cut black tea leaves, and other natural flavors.

 2- Can I enjoy this tea hot or cold?

Yes, Lipton Natural Energy Premium Black Tea can be enjoyed both hot and iced. Simply follow the brewing instructions provided for a delicious beverage experience.

 3- How should I brew this tea?

To brew Lipton Natural Energy Premium Black Tea, place your glass filled with ice under your brewer, add a K-Cup pod, brew, and enjoy. Adjust the brewing time and strength according to your preference.

 4- Does this tea contain caffeine?

Yes, Lipton Natural Energy Premium Black Tea is caffeinated. It is an ideal choice for those seeking an energy boost to start their day or stay alert throughout the day.

 5- Can I use these K-Cups with any Keurig machine?

Yes, these K-Cup pods are compatible with most Keurig K-Cup Brewing Systems which offer convenience and ease of use for tea lovers.

 6- Are the tea leaves sustainably sourced?

Lipton is committed to sourcing tea sustainably to ensure every cup of tea is crafted with natural goodness.

 7- What makes Lipton tea special?

Lipton tea is crafted with a blend of high-quality ingredients, including fresh-pressed tea leaves and natural flavors, to deliver a consistently delicious and satisfying beverage experience.

 8- Are Lipton tea bags environmentally friendly?

Yes, our tea bags are made from 100% Rainforest Alliance certified materials and reflect Lipton’s commitment to sustainability.

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