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At UTN, we understand the importance of meeting Amazon FBM packaging requirements while maintaining efficiency and quality. With our commitment to excellence, transparent pricing, and precision, we take the hassle out of prep to completely empower you to focus on business growth.

 Partner with UTN Wholesale today for seamless and dependable FBM prep services tailored to meet Amazon's requirements and propel your Amazon journey to new heights.

  • Clarity and Transparency

    Bid farewell to confusion with UTN Wholesale's transparent approach. We ensure you're fully informed about our services and pricing in order to eliminate the uncertainties of the process.

  • Tailored Flat Rates

    Budgeting is crucial for your business, which is why we offer flat-rate pricing customized to your requirements. Expect no hidden fees or surprises, just transparent pricing to support your success.

  • Excellence Guaranteed

    At UTN Wholesale, we pride ourselves on our wealth of expertise and a proven track record in FBM services. Our dedicated team comprehends the intricacies of FBM prep, guaranteeing that your products are handled with utmost care and efficiency at every stage. With our unwavering commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, opting for UTN Wholesale ensures you enjoy peace of mind and seamless service throughout your FBM journey.

UTN Wholesale: Your One-Stop Solution for Amazon FBM Optimization

Optimize your Amazon FBM prep process with UTN
Wholesale's tailored solutions designed to elevate your selling experience. From expert labeling services that ensure compliance with Amazon's strict requirements to streamlined packaging solutions crafted to reflect your brand identity and safeguard your merchandise, we have you covered.

With transparent pricing, efficient carton handling, and thorough quality control checks, our services are tailored to meet Amazon FBM packaging requirements while minimizing costs and maximizing efficiency. Trust UTN Wholesale to streamline your FBM prep process and empower your business to thrive in the competitive world of e-commerce.

Top-of-the-line Labeling Services

Prepare your products for Amazon FBM with UTN Wholesale's expert labeling services made specifically for FBM. Our seasoned team meticulously applies the necessary labels for Amazon to guarantee compliance with marketplace standards. The size of the boxes used would be 6x6x6.

Additionally, we offer additional services including bubble wrap or poly bag, fragile sticker, and price tag removal, all for just $0.49 per item. Trust UTN Wholesale to ensure your products stand out in the competitive marketplace.

Customized Packaging Solutions

Safeguard your products and elevate your brand on Amazon's FBM platform with UTN Wholesale's packaging solutions. We collaborate with you to ensure a smooth journey to Amazon's fulfillment centers.

Focus on Growth, Not Packaging Costs:

Our flat-rate pricing offers a budget-friendly way to achieve:

Product Protection: Durable packaging minimizes damage during transit.

Amazon Compliance: Ensure your products meet Amazon's FBM requirements.

Transparent Pricing, Exceptional Results:

UTN Wholesale's flat-rate pricing allows you to easily predict packaging costs, freeing you to focus on growing your FBM business. Trust us to deliver reliable packaging solutions that contribute to your FBM success on Amazon. Contact us today to get started!

Streamlined Carton and Case Handling Solutions

Optimize your logistics and minimize costs with UTN Wholesale's streamlined carton and case-handling solutions for FBM. Our efficient approach maximizes space utilization and reduces shipping expenses, ensuring smooth processing at Amazon's fulfillment centers.

 Whether you're shipping small parcels or bulk orders, trust our team to handle your carton and case needs with precision and care while meeting Amazon's guidelines at every step.

Thorough Inspection and Quality Control for Amazon FBM

Deliver excellence on Amazon with UTN Wholesale's thorough inspection and quality control services tailored specifically for FBM. Our dedicated team conducts comprehensive inspections of your products and packages to ensure compliance with Amazon's stringent

 With UTN Wholesale, your orders are prepared with meticulous care, precision, and quality checks at every stage, providing you with peace of mind and confidence in your FBM shipments.

Efficient Turnaround Times

At UTN Wholesale, we prioritize efficient turnaround times to ensure your products promptly reach your fulfillment locations without unnecessary delays. Leveraging our network of reliable logistic partners, we streamline shipping to minimize delays and optimize delivery schedules.

 From order reception to completing prep tasks, we work diligently while strictly adhering to quality checks. Trust UTN Wholesale to meet tight deadlines and keep your inventory flowing seamlessly through your FBM pipeline.

Cost-Effective FBM Prep Solutions Aligned with Your Budget 

Unlock cost-effective solutions designed for your success with UTN Wholesale. Our mission is to empower your business with efficient and budget-friendly preparation services. From expert labeling to streamlined carton handling, we offer competitive pricing and transparent rates targeted to maximize your ROI.

 With UTN Wholesale, you can trust in our commitment to delivering prep services without compromising on quality. Let us be your partner in achieving success in the world of Amazon FBM.

How Our Amazon FBM Prep Services Work

Starting with our Amazon FBM prep services is incredibly easy. Here is the step-wise breakdown of the process:

  • Self Generate Prep Request Form

    • Complete the prep request form provided by UTN Wholesale to initiate the process.
    • Self Generate a prep request form.
    Prep Request Form 
  • Share Google Sheet

    • Depending on whether you choose FBA, FBM, or both, UTN Wholesale will share a Google Sheet with you.
    • The Google Sheet will be filled based on specific instructions provided by UTN Wholesale.
  • Data Extraction and Daily Updates

    • UTN Wholesale will extract data from the provided sources, such as the prep request form and drive folder.
    • Daily updates will be provided on the shared Google Sheet, ensuring transparency and real-time tracking of progress.

This streamlined process is based on the principles of efficient communication and collaboration between you and UTN Wholesale. In this way, we start facilitating you with a smooth and hassle-free experience in preparing your products for Amazon FBM.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the benefits of using UTN Wholesale's Amazon FBM services?

Our Amazon FBM services offer tailored
solutions to streamline your prep process, ensuring compliance with Amazon's
packaging requirements while minimizing costs and maximizing efficiency.

How do I know if my products meet Amazon's FBM packaging requirements?

Our team is well-versed in Amazon's packaging
guidelines and will ensure that your products adhere to all necessary
requirements to avoid any potential issues.

What is the cost of using UTN Wholesale's Amazon FBM services?

Our pricing is transparent and competitive, with flat rates of $2.49. Additional services such as packaging, labeling, and handling are available at affordable rates.

Can UTN Wholesale help me with labeling and packaging my products for FBM?

Yes, we offer expert labeling and tailored packaging solutions to ensure your products are Amazon-ready and protected during transit.

Do I need to provide my own shipping labels for FBM orders?

Our Amazon FBM services include business shipping labels at a flat rate of $3.99, ensuring your orders are properly labeled and ready for shipment but you also have the option to provide our own Shipping labels.

What additional services does UTN Wholesale offer for Amazon FBM?

In addition to labeling and packaging, we offer additional services such as bubble wrap or poly bags, fragile stickers, and price tag removal for only $0.49 per item.

How do I track the progress of my FBM orders with UTN Wholesale?

We provide regular updates and communication throughout the prep process, ensuring transparency and peace of mind for our customers.

Can UTN Wholesale handle large volumes of FBM orders?

Yes, we have the capacity to handle orders of all sizes, from small parcels to bulk shipments, ensuring efficient processing and timely delivery to Amazon's fulfillment centers.

What happens if there are any issues with my FBM orders?

Our team is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and will address any issues or concerns promptly to ensure your satisfaction.

How do I get started with UTN Wholesale's Amazon FBM services?

Simply reach out to us through our website or contact us directly, fill out our prep request form to initiate the process, and we'll guide you through the rest of the process and provide you with personalized solutions to meet your FBM needs.

About UTN Wholesale: Your Partner in FBM Success

UTN Wholesale is your trusted destination for
Amazon FBM prep services where we ensure that your e-commerce journey is
seamless and successful. Our dedicated team prioritizes efficiency,
transparency, and top-notch quality throughout the entire Amazon FBM prep
process, from labeling to packaging. With transparent pricing and clear
communication, we aim to make your experience hassle-free and exceptional.
Partner with UTN Wholesale for FBM prep and witness your business flourish!

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