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    How You Use This Website

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    Terms and Conditions Subject to Change

    Please check back every time you visit this website since UTN Wholesale has the right to alter, change, and/or update it without prior notice.

    Product Information


    All products are offered for sale at the listed pricing, either in complete case packs or, if available, in the smaller inner case packs. We don't open inner or case packs in order to repackage them in smaller quantities for sales or to give sample items. There aren't any exclusions at all!

    While they could differ, the prices shown on our website usually correspond to those in our showroom. The selling prices are subject to change at any time and without notice by UTN Wholesale.


    Every item is presented and described as accurately as possible by UTN Wholesale. However, we are unable to ensure that the colour you see will match the colour of the actual goods because every computer monitor has a unique setup and display.


    Order-to-order variations may occur for things that are offered in a variety of styles, sizes, forms, colours, and types. It's possible that an assortment will differ somewhat from the particular variety shown in the product image. All or some of the product variations shown in the pictures may be included in the assortment cases. It's also likely that not every selection of a given product is always offered in inner pack orders. Certain inner packs are packaged exclusively with specific styles, sizes, forms, colours, and variety in mind.


    Typographic mistakes may happen even though UTN Wholesale always tries to give product information as correctly as possible. Regardless of whether your credit card has been charged and the transaction has been verified, UTN Wholesale retains the right to cancel any advertised offer and to make any corrections to mistakes, inaccuracies, or omissions that occur after an order has been placed.


    We do not guarantee that every item in our inventory has a UPC code, even if the majority do. If a code is printed incorrectly or cannot be read by optical equipment, we shall not be held responsible.

Quantity Limitation

    There can be a quantity restriction on some "Special" goods per client.

    Stock Availability

    Keep in mind that we only have a certain amount of stock available. When the Monthly Specials are announced, there could be large amounts available, but they might sell out completely in a matter of days. Reorders of sold-out merchandise are possible or unlikely.

    Sale Offers

    The monthly special prices for UTN Wholesale are only valid during the period shown on the front of the leaflet. Distinct monthly sale prices are NOT COMBINED by us. Orders including products from our monthly specials must have "payment finalised" status within the specified sale period in order to benefit from the monthly special discounts. Orders that are completed after the sale will display non-sale pricing.


    Since our stock is restricted to what we have in stock, there is no guarantee that every item in your shopping cart will be available when the order is sent.

    Orders with between 10% and 20% of items that is out of stock won't take longer to process. A salesperson will contact any order with more than 20% out-of-stock products to confirm shipment; if the client cannot be contacted that day, there may be a delay. These clients will also be able to replace out-of-stock products with other items that are still available.

    Payments, Credit, Refunds, and Returns


    Payment Methods

    * Bank Transfer
    * Bank Deposit
    * Credit Card
    * Wise

    Payment Methods for International Customers

    Wire transfer is the most widely used method of payment for international customers.


    Since all of our products are sold FOB from our Rockford, IL warehouse, it is the buyer's responsibility to create shipping labels and send them to UTN Wholesale.

    Additional Charges

    A dock facility intended to accept goods is the destination of a typical truck delivery. Drivers are not required to help with unloading, thus someone has to be there to accept truck deliveries. If your purchase needs delivery access services like a lift gate, call before delivery, or inside delivery, there can be additional fees. It is crucial that you tick the box or note any specific shipping needs or instructions you have when submitting your order in the google sheet or on the website or let us know prior via email to prevent any "unexpected additional charges."

    Note: In order for the driver to unload your items from the truck, you must also select the "lift gate" option if you select "inside delivery."

    If we are invoiced for any "unexpected additional charges," we retain the right to charge the credit card used to place the purchase the amount we receive from the shipping provider plus an additional 10% service charge.

    Locations with Limited Access

    Schools, churches, mini storage facilities, prisons, military bases and installations, mines, construction sites, fairs, carnivals, navy piers, airports, commercial establishments closed to the public during regular business hours, and expo centres are examples of limited access locations that incur an additional $79.00 delivery fee.

    International Shipping Charges

    While our shipping department works to find the best shipping deals, freight forwarders are necessary for overseas shipments. While UTN Wholesale will help and work with freight forwarders, each client is still in charge of making all the arrangements. Furthermore, any shipping costs, foreign taxes, or custom duties that may be applied to the overseas shipments will not be our responsibility.


    All overpayments and refunds are automatically credited to the customers account with UTN Wholesale. Most customers prefer to keep the credit on their account and apply it to their next order. If you prefer to get reimbursed for any credit balance in your account, please notify your salesperson or contact our customer service department. If a payment was originally made by a credit card, then the refund will be directly credited to the same card. For all other methods of payment, a check will be issued and sent to the name and address listed on the account. Please allow 1 to 2 weeks for changes to apply and be reflected on your account. Cancel or Returns are subject to a 20% restock fee and 40% restocking fee for grocery items.


    If you are an international customer who’s order is being sent to an international freight broker/freight forwarder, please provide your salesperson the following information fully and accurately:

    Broker/forwarder name, contact name, booking number, phone number, and final destination address (country).

    All of this information must be complete and accurate for us to process your order. Any missing or inaccurate information will result in an order delay, and may result in extra charges.

    UPS (United Parcel Service) handles all overseas delivery of less than a pallet. The customer is required to supply their own international freight forwarder for orders including one pallet or more.

    Freight Forwarder

    It is highly recommended that you choose a goods forwarder that is knowledgeable about import regulations in your nation. This makes sending internationally easier and guarantees that all parties know exactly what to anticipate from shipping and receiving. We will work with the goods forwarder to the fullest extent possible as long as they have our complete company information (including contact person's name, address, and phone number).Please be aware that UTN Wholesale does not suggest any goods forwarders.

    UPS (United Parcel Service)

    Ninety-five percent of small international shipments go through UPS if no freight forwarder is obtained. The weight, cube, and shipment destination are the only factors that affect shipping costs. UPS orders shipped internationally will take two to three weeks to arrive. This page provides information on what UPS needs to ship to YOUR SPECIFIC country:


    Each container is packaged to the highest standards before shipping. This entails making the most of the available space while taking all necessary safety precautions to prevent losses, damages, and breakages. To expedite the shipment procedure, our shipping department works with your freight forwarder to schedule containers.

    Container Consolidation

    We welcome and combine products from other businesses to load into your containers at no additional cost thanks to our skilled personnel! To minimise any protracted or unforeseen delays, we will effectively combine and load your containers, work with trucking firms to convey them to the first vessel that becomes available. **Please be aware that container consolidations require a $10,000 minimum purchase amount.


    Minimum order Quantity (MOQ)

    The total amount of the order must be at least a minimum of USD $2500 (excluding freight).

    Order Acceptance and Validation

    A salesperson will get in touch with you via phone or email as soon as we get your shopping cart order to confirm the information, such as the shipment address, payment method, and ID verification. Verification that the address is a physically deliverable one is required if LTL delivery is your preferred mode of shipment (we do not deliver to P.O. Boxes). To process your purchase, we will require correct and comprehensive goods forwarder information. Your order is confirmed as soon as the required confirmations are received.

    Please be aware that we might not need to get in touch with you in order to ship your item if you agree to and pay the UPS fees that are associated with your online order.

    Order Limitations :

    Without prior warning, UTN Wholesale has the right to impose quantity restrictions or reject any order you place with us. In these situations, a salesperson will usually try to get in touch with you by phone or email to provide further information.

    Processing Time :

    Orders will be processed as soon as possible by UTN Wholesale, subject to the ship-to location, order size, and shipment type. After we receive payment and all required information, your purchase will be completed. The order will be processed within two to three weeks of being finalised.

    It is recommended that you use www.utnwholesale.com to place your order. If this isn't feasible, though, you can still place your purchase via google sheet.


    UTN Wholesale prides itself in keeping sufficient quantities of every item in stock and updating the UTN Wholesale website regularly. However, due to unpredictable order patterns, we may run out of some items from time to time. Items that are labelled “Low Inventory” are at risk of not being available after ordering, as there are few cases left and there might be orders pending. The salesperson may notify you of any back orders and give you the option to substitute items (in which case customers must submit a written request of changes before processing the order).

    If a replacement is not available and you have already paid in full for the order, you have two choices: (a) notify your sales representative and request a credit from UTN Wholesale for the amount of the back orders, which can be applied to your subsequent order; or (b) request a complete reimbursement for the back order amount from your sales representative.


    Customers who wish to cancel their entire order after warehouse processing has begun will be charged a 20% restocking fee and 40% on grocery items even if customers wish to cancel only a few items.


    You can amend or delete things from your order after it has been submitted by getting in touch with your salesperson right away. You might need to place a second purchase on our website or on the google form with the additional products if you want to add more things to your current order.

    Keep in mind that if you make any changes to your order it will delay the processing of your order.


    Shipment of orders may be delayed if:

    We do not have complete and correct address information and/or proper delivery instructions. A physical address AND the freight forwarder’s address are required.
We do not have complete payment.
Customers make additions or deletions to their order(s). This will extend the processing time by at least 1 business day.
An order contains more than 20% out-of-stock items. In this case, a salesperson will call the customer to confirm the shipment. This may cause a delay if customer cannot be reached immediately.
Customers cannot be reached during the final processing stage to confirm details.
International customers do not provide billing and destination address.
Unforeseen emergencies or natural disasters occur.
The order is submitted during peak or holiday seasons.


    submitted We do not accept any returns after 3 days of delivery. If a return request is made within that time frame, customers will bear the cost of return shipment and a 20% for general merchandise and 40% for grocery items restocking fee.


    A copy of the trucking company's delivery receipt (DR), which has to be signed by the driver, is necessary for claims pertaining to shortages. Additionally, you need to give your salesperson a list of the products and/or quantities you believe to be low.

    In the sad event that there is a shipment deficit, UTN Wholesale is only able to provide a refund for the cost of the missing goods or a credit towards future purchases. None of the short-delivered products will be shipped to the buyer.


    Upon delivery, it is the customer's responsibility to check and count the item. At the time of delivery, the driver's receipt must be used to document any physical defects or inconsistencies, such as crushed, unsealed, loose, or missing boxes.

    Reporting Claims

    Within 3 days of the items being received, you must notify your UTN Wholesale salesperson of any claims for missing, damaged, or faulty products. An email with a list of the item numbers that are damaged, faulty, or missing, their corresponding quantities, and a brief explanation must also be sent to us.

    Claim Requirements

    Processing time for all claims is around two to three weeks.

    A thorough description, a photocopy of the invoice with the item number(s) marked, and the delivery receipt (DR)—on which any differences must be noted—should all be included with the claim. It's crucial that you include an image or a sample of the item itself if your claim is for a broken or faulty item. This expedites the processing of the claim and acts as proof of harm as well. Every claim is evaluated on an individual basis.


    The login e-mail and password fields are both case-sensitive. This means that you must use the same arrangement of uppercase and lowercase letters as when you originally registered your account with UTN Wholesale.

    If you are still having trouble logging in, please double-check that you are using the right e-mail address.

    If you cannot log in because you forgot your password, click on “forgot your password?” and a new temporary password will be emailed to you shortly. Once you are logged in with your new temporary password, follow the link to change your password back to the character sequence of your choice.


    Each and every customer's information is shared and kept safe. Third parties are not given access to or sold shared online information by UTN Wholesale.

    Uncompleted Order Follow-up Emails

    If you leave items in your cart without purchasing or deleting them, UTN Wholesale reserves the right to send you weekly automated email reminders for a period of up to 60 days. Please note at any point of time that you decide to continue your purchase, we may or may not have the items in stock.


    All of your submitted online feedback is valued by UTN Wholesale. You may now review or comment on a product, recommend a friend, or share your thoughts and views with just one click.

    You should be aware that UTN Wholesale does not screen or censor offensive language or conduct. The writing that is sent via the Refer to a Friend tool is not within the control of UTN Wholesale.

    All written submissions to UTN Wholesale, including ideas, suggestions, feedback, and confidential or original material of any type, will solely be UTN Wholesale's property. Intellectual property rights will be owned by UTN Wholesale, which will also have the freedom to use, copy, disclose, publish, and distribute any content without restriction or payment to you.

    Content transmissions that breach our policies or any relevant laws will be subject to appropriate sanctions. This covers, among other things, defamation, vulgarity, obscenity, pornography, invasions of privacy and publicity rights, abuse, harassment, threats, and anything that is provocative or dubious in general.

    We reserve the right to restrict or terminate your account and/or remove the user feedback you provide should we find violations.


    The behaviour of any user of the website or chat service, whether online or off, is not the responsibility of UTN Wholesale.

    Any error, omission, interruption, deletion, defect, delay in operation or transmission, communications line failure, theft or destruction, or unauthorised access to or alteration of chat user messages are all beyond the control and liability of UTN Wholesale.

    In the event of technical difficulties or traffic congestion on the Internet or at the website, UTN Wholesale disclaims all liability for issues or technical malfunctions relating to any telephone network or lines, computer online systems, servers, or providers, computer equipment, software, failure of email or media players, and harm or damage to users' or any other person's computer resulting from using the website or its resources.


    User Agreement & Acknowledgement

    The terms and conditions listed below will apply to any purchase orders sent electronically. Any written contract that a customer and supplier, UTN Wholesale, enter into shall take precedence over the terms and conditions and remain legally binding.