Does UTN Wholesale ship directly to FBA or Amazon Warehouses?

Yes. Shipping to FBA or Amazon Warehouses is like a routine activity handled carefully at UTN Wholesale.

We Make sure to provide correct and proper box labels and shipping labels.

How can I start purchasing from UTN Wholesale?

Placing an order with UTN Wholesale is as easy as it can be. Just surf through a wide range of products listed on our website. Fill the 'Create an account' Google form, we will receive your details, will approve them and then email you your login details. You can login to your account using the provided details.

Are Credit Card payments accepted at UTN Wholesale?

Not right now, will be available in future.

Do you offer FBA packaging facility?

We provide top-of-the-line and finely-handled FBA packaging.

FBA packaging includes FNSKU labeling, boxes, polybags, and other required essentials for packaging.

Do you provide a product spreadsheet or list?

Yes we do. You can head over to our Catalog.

How much time will it take you to ship my purchased products?

We have a dedicated team to fast-track the order processing and shipping. However, it requires certain procedural steps.

Once we receive the payment receipts from you, it will take us a maximum of 1 to two working days to review and confirm the payment.

As the confirmation of payment is finalized, we start packing your order the next minute.

When the packaging is done, we inform you to provide us with the FNSKU labels.

You can send those to us via chat or email.

Depending on the quantum of the order, it takes a maximum of 10 to 15 working days to assemble and pack the order.

It is important to mention here that pre-booked orders will be processed according to the time mentioned during booking.

Now, it would be your turn to send the thermal labels to us based on the dimensions of the package.

When the thermal labelling is done, your shipment is ready to be shipped and is shipped instantly.