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Join Hands With UTN Wholesale to Maintain the Highest Profit Margins.

What is the most trusted and time-tested way to make big bucks as a retailer? Well, it is crystal clear that the only reliable way for a retailer is to buy from the wholesalers in bulk at a lower price and then sell on the marketplaces at competitive prices while keeping a profit margin.
However, all wholesalers do not offer retailer-friendly and affordable deals. But, the tables have turned now.

Introducing UTN Wholesale; a reliable and affordable wholesale partner for Amazon sellers across USA.
Realizing the unique needs of e-commerce businesses, especially Amazon sellers, UTN Wholesale has developed retailer-centric and cost-effective deals without compromising an inch on the quality of the products. So, what are you waiting for? Explore our inventory and make some big bucks with super-high profit margins.

Start Ordering From UTN In 4 Easy Steps 


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Fill the 'Create an account' Google form, we will receive your details, will approve them and then email you your login details. You can login to your account using the provided details.


Browse Our

Explore a wide range of products listed in our wholesale store. Thousands of products are on the row for you.


Place Your

Once you have finalized your choices, just click the ‘add to cart’ on the product page and follow the simple steps to place your order.



Customers can pickup their orders directly from our warehouse located at (5548 Stockton Drive Rockford Illinois 61109)

Order Process


Order Placed

Once you have placed your order online or through google sheet, allow UTN some time to process your order.



Once your order has been processed, we will apply FNSKU labels for you at No Additional cost to you.


Shipping labels

After UTN applied the FNSKU labels, your order will now be ready to be shipped or dropped off.


Shipping or pickup

It is now the customers duty to either pickup from out warehouse or provide us shipping labels from UPS USPS or FEDEX so we can drop off.

What Sets UTN Apart?

Retailer-Centric Deals

UTN Wholesale prioritizes the business perspective of retailers. Therefore, the prices of products are kept as low as possible so that the retailers get a significantly higher profit margin than the average margin made with other wholesalers.

Coverage Over the Whole USA

The coverage area of UTN Wholesale is not limited to any smaller geographical region. We deliver our price-competitive products across the USA.

High-Quality Authentic Products

Keeping the prices at the lowest minimum never means compromising the quality of the products. UTN Wholesale follows standard practices and ensures the fool-proof authenticity of the products.

Extensive Range of Products

We deal in a highly diverse range of products from well-known brands. With UTN Wholesale, you can add richness and a wide variety of products to your Amazon store.

24/7 Customer Support

UTN Wholesale does not leave its customers in the dark. Customers can reach out to us at any moment of the day with their queries, follow-ups, and feedback.

Dedicated Packing and Dispatch Teams

UTN Wholesale houses dedicated teams for different tasks. Our package and dispatch teams make sure that your orders are packed with utmost care and dispatched under standard practices.

Affiliated Brands.

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Frequently Asked Questions.


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Join hands with UTN today and experience the winning formula for Amazon FBA success!