Knock Knock Wholesale.

Retailer Benefits: Stocking Knock Knock products offers retailers a chance to attract customers who appreciate a blend of humor and usefulness in their stationery and gifts.
With UTN Wholesale, you gain access to an array of Knock Knock's bestsellers,
including their famously witty sticky notes and uniquely engaging journals.
These items are not just products; they are conversation starters, mood
lifters, and perfect gifts that resonate with a wide audience.

What is Knock Knock?

Knock Knock: Infusing Humor and Heart into Everyday Life

UTN Wholesale proudly presents Knock Knock, a brand that stands out for its
quirky, witty, and heartwarming products. Since 2002, Knock Knock has been
transforming the mundane into the extraordinary with its innovative range of
pads, planners, journals, and books. These products not only help in organizing
daily life but also bring a smile with their light-hearted humor and occasional
light profanity.

Celebrating Playfulness in Functionality

At Knock Knock, the mantra is simple yet profound: “We Put the Fun in Functional.”
The brand excels in turning everyday items like productivity journals and
sticky notes into sources of joy and laughter, proving that list-making and a
good chuckle are vital forms of self-care.

A Legacy of Laughter and Learning

Founded by Jen Bilik and now part of the Union Square & Co. family, Knock
Knock continues to thrive, blending wit with practicality. From the YOU GOT
THIS Productivity Journal to the Chakras Activity Book & Journal, each
product is a testament to Knock Knock’s commitment to quality and amusement.


What sets Knock Knock apart in the stationery market?

Knock combines humor with functionality, offering unique products that
stand out."

What types of products does Knock Knock offer?

Knock specializes in witty pads, planners, journals, and books."

How do Knock Knock products enhance daily life?

offer a fun and engaging way to organize and express oneself, making everyday
tasks more enjoyable."

Can retailers benefit from stocking Knock Knock products?

Knock Knock's unique and humorous products attract a diverse customer

What are some popular Knock Knock products?

include the YOU GOT THIS Productivity Journal and the Mental Note Sticky

Are Knock Knock products suitable for all age groups?

they appeal to a wide range of ages with their universal humor and

How does UTN Wholesale offer Knock Knock products?

Wholesale provides a wide range of Knock Knock products at competitive
wholesale prices."

What makes Knock Knock products a good choice for gifts?

blend of wit and usefulness makes them perfect for thoughtful and fun