Wink Condoms Wholesale.

Retailer Benefits: For UTN Wholesale customers,
stocking Wink Condoms means providing access to a brand that prioritizes safety
without compromising on pleasure. With competitive pricing and a reputation for
quality, Wink Condoms are an excellent addition to any sexual health and
wellness inventory.

Wink Products

What is Wink?

Wink Condoms: Revolutionizing Intimacy Since 1934:
Wink Condoms, crafted by Okamoto Industries Inc., has been a leading name in
the world of premium natural latex products for nearly a century. As a division
of one of the most esteemed manufacturers globally, Wink Condoms has long been
a silent contributor to numerous well-known condom brands.

Unmatched Quality and Safety: At Wink Condoms, our
commitment to safety and quality is unwavering. Each Wink Condom, including the
popular Wink Closer Condoms and Wink Slider Condoms, undergoes rigorous
electronic testing to ensure the highest safety standards. But our vigilance
doesn't end there. A Wink Condom must surpass stringent durability tests,
holding more than a cup of liquid and withstanding over 18 liters of air
pressure, to be deemed fit for use. This dedication has positioned us at the
pinnacle of condom testing standards globally.

Enhancing Intimacy with Innovation: Our mission goes
beyond mere protection; we aim to enhance intimacy. Wink Condoms are not just
contraceptives; they're a gateway to a more profound, sensual experience. We
craft the thinnest, strongest, and softest condoms, ensuring the highest
quality and comfort. Our range, including the Wink Closer and Wink Studded
Condoms, is designed to offer unparalleled intimacy, making every moment

Wink Condoms Wholesale: A Trusted Choice for Retailers:
Wink Condoms Wholesale provides an extensive selection of premium condoms,
catering to diverse preferences and needs. Retailers can rely on Wink Condoms
for a variety of options, including the highly-acclaimed Wink Closer and Slider
Condoms, as well as the exhilarating Wink Studded Condoms.

Your Partner in Responsible Intimacy: Our
responsibility extends beyond product manufacturing. We are committed to
educating users about safe sex and the importance of using condoms correctly.
With Wink Condoms, users can experience the perfect blend of safety, quality,
and pleasure.


What makes Wink Condoms unique in the market?

Condoms stand out for their ultra-thin, strong latex construction,
providing enhanced intimacy without sacrificing safety."

How are Wink Condoms tested for safety?

Wink Condom undergoes electronic testing and must meet rigorous
standards, including liquid and air capacity tests, to ensure utmost
safety and reliability."

Are there different styles of Wink Condoms available?

Wink offers various styles, including Wink Closer Condoms, Wink Slider
Condoms, and Wink Studded Condoms, catering to different

What is the price range of Wink Condoms at UTN Wholesale?

"Wink Condoms are priced
competitively, with various options like the Wink Closer and Wink Slider
Condoms typically priced at $16.99."

Can Wink Condoms enhance sexual intimacy?

"Absolutely, Wink Condoms are
designed for superior intimacy, with ultra-thin latex that enhances
sensation while ensuring protection."

What is the background of Wink Condoms’ manufacturer, Okamoto Industries Inc.?

"Okamoto Industries Inc. has
nearly 100 years of experience in premium natural latex product
manufacturing and is a respected name in the industry."

Are Wink Condoms available for bulk purchase through wholesale?

"Yes, UTN Wholesale offers Wink
Condoms in bulk, making them a perfect choice for retailers looking to
provide quality sexual health products."