Cotton Mouth Lozenges Wholesale.

Retailer Benefits: For Amazon retailers, Cotton
Mouth® Lozenges present a unique opportunity. As a highly recommended solution
for dry mouth, these lozenges meet a growing need in the health and wellness
market. UTN Wholesale provides access to these effective lozenges in bulk,
allowing retailers to cater to a broad customer base.

Cotton Mouth Products

What is Cotton Mouth?

Cotton Mouth® Lozenges: Revolutionizing Dry Mouth Relief:

Cotton Mouth® Lozenges, the leading solution provider for Xerostomia, also
known as dry mouth, is renowned for its effective and great-tasting lozenges.
Located in Atlanta, GA, with production facilities in Philadelphia, PA, Cotton
Mouth® Lozenges offers innovative and FDA-compliant solutions for one of the
most common side effects of medication use.

Cotton Mouth Lozenges: A Blend of Quality and Taste:

What sets Cotton Mouth® Lozenges apart is the combination of quality and taste.
Our lozenges, made with ingredients like Sorbitol and Gum Arabic, are not only
effective in relieving dry mouth but also boast a delightful taste with no
bitter aftertaste. Being sugar-free, naturally sweetened, gluten-free, and
GMO-free, they cater to a broad range of dietary needs and preferences.

Wholesale Opportunities with Cotton Mouth Lozenges:

For retailers looking to offer a sought-after solution for dry mouth, Cotton
Mouth Lozenges wholesale options present a unique opportunity. With our
commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, our wholesale distributors
provide an array of choices to suit various market needs.

Addressing a Growing Health Concern With an
increasing number of Americans experiencing dry mouth due to medication side
effects, Cotton Mouth® Lozenges steps in as a much-needed solution. Our
lozenges are not only recommended by doctors and dentists but are also a
crucial aid in preventing tooth decay and other oral health problems associated
with dry mouth.

Cotton Mouth Lozenges: Your Trusted Partner in Oral

As a company deeply rooted in providing effective, reliable, and
tasty solutions for dry mouth, Cotton Mouth® Lozenges is dedicated to enhancing
oral health and comfort. We take pride in our products being made in the USA,
certified Kosher, and adhering to the highest standards of manufacturing.


What sets Cotton Mouth® Lozenges apart in the market?

They are the only great-tasting dry mouth treatment available, combining efficacy with enjoyable flavor.

Are Cotton Mouth® Lozenges safe for all users?

Yes, they are formulated with natural ingredients, making them safe for a broad audience.

What are the key benefits of Cotton Mouth® Lozenges?

They relieve dry mouth, are sugar and fat-free, gluten-free, GMO-free, and have no bitter aftertaste.

How do Cotton Mouth® Lozenges improve oral health?

They help in maintaining oral health by alleviating dry mouth, which can otherwise increase tooth decay risk.

Where are Cotton Mouth® Lozenges made?

They are proudly made in the USA, ensuring high-quality production standards.

Are these lozenges recommended by healthcare professionals?

Yes, they are the #1 recommended solution for dry mouth by doctors and dentists.

What ingredients are used in Cotton Mouth® Lozenges?

They contain natural ingredients like Sorbitol, Gum Arabic, natural flavors, and artificial colors.

Can these lozenges be used by individuals on various medications?

Absolutely, they are especially beneficial for those experiencing dry mouth as a medication side effect.