Biotrue Products Wholesale.

Retailer Benefits: For UTN Wholesale clients, stocking Biotrue products presents a unique
opportunity. Biotrue's innovative, nature-inspired eye care range, including
popular items like Biotrue multi-purpose solution and Biotrue contact lenses,
appeals to a broad customer base focused on quality and sustainability.
Biotrue’s high customer satisfaction, evidenced by positive reviews and
ratings, ensures strong demand. Retailers can benefit from competitive
wholesale pricing and the growing market for environmentally conscious and
advanced eye care solutions, promising attractive margins and customer loyalty.

What is Biotrue?

Naturally Inspired Eye Care by Biotrue

Biotrue, a leader in innovative eye care, offers products that are inspired by
the natural biology of your eyes. Their range includes Biotrue contacts,
Biotrue contact lens solution, and Biotrue eye drops, each designed to work
harmoniously with the eye's natural functions. The brand's commitment to
mimicking the natural environment of the eye is evident in their use of
hyaluronan, a moisturizer naturally found in tears, ensuring comfort and
hydration for lens wearers.

Advanced Formulations for Comfort and Clarity

Biotrue's products, such as Biotrue ONEday contacts, Biotrue hydration boost,
and Biotrue daily contacts, are formulated to provide maximum comfort and
clarity. These products maintain a healthy pH balance and contain beneficial
electrolytes and antioxidants, mirroring the eye's natural environment. Biotrue
ONEday for astigmatism and Biotrue presbyopia contacts are specially designed
to meet the unique needs of individuals with specific eye conditions, offering
tailored solutions for every user.

Environmentally Conscious Eye Care

In line with its nature-inspired philosophy, Biotrue is dedicated to
sustainability. Their recycling initiatives and eco-friendly manufacturing
processes reflect a commitment to the planet. Biotrue’s daily disposables, like
the Biotrue ONEday 90 pack, are produced in facilities that emphasize waste
reduction, demonstrating the brand's dedication to both eye health and
environmental stewardship.


What makes Biotrue products unique?

Biotrue products are inspired by the eye’s natural processes and contain naturally occurring elements like hyaluronan.

Are Biotrue products suitable for sensitive eyes?

Yes, they are designed to be gentle and mimic the eye's natural environment.

Does Biotrue offer solutions for specific eye conditions?

Yes, products like Biotrue for astigmatism and presbyopia cater to specific needs.

What are the main benefits of Biotrue ONEday contacts?

They offer comfort, hydration, and clear vision, mimicking natural eye functions.

Are Biotrue products environmentally friendly?

Yes, Biotrue emphasizes sustainability in manufacturing and offers recycling programs.

Can Biotrue contact solutions be used with all types of contacts?

Generally, yes, but it’s advisable to check specific compatibility.

How does Biotrue ensure product safety and quality?

Biotrue follows stringent quality controls and uses safe, well-researched ingredients.

Is there a Biotrue product for dry eyes?

Yes, Biotrue offers hydration boost eye drops for dry eye relief.