Sambucol Products Wholesale.

Retailer Benefits: Partnering with UTN Wholesale to offer Sambucol wholesale products positions your store as a go-to destination for natural health solutions. As the Original Elderberry Brand, Sambucol's reputation for premium quality and effective immune support will attract a broad customer base. Benefit from our competitive wholesale pricing and comprehensive product range to meet the growing demand for natural and scientifically-backed health supplements. Elevate your inventory with Sambucol and empower your customers to embrace a healthier lifestyle.

What is Sambucol?

Harness the Power of Elderberries with Sambucol Wholesale

Discover the natural benefits of elderberries with our range of Sambucol wholesale products, exclusively at UTN Wholesale. Sambucol, The Original Elderberry Brand, is renowned for its commitment to quality and purity, offering a potent formula derived from premium European Haschberg black elderberries. These products are not just supplements; they represent a fusion of nature and science, providing your customers with a trusted and effective way to support their immune system.

A Tradition of Excellence in Every Bottle

At the heart of Sambucol's success is a meticulous process that starts from the fertile soils of Europe, where the finest elderberries are harvested. Sambucol stands out for its proprietary extraction process, ensuring that each product retains the full potency of the elderberry's active ingredients. This commitment to excellence makes Sambucol a brand that customers trust for daily immune support and overall wellness.

Comprehensive Immune Support for the Whole Family

Sambucol's diverse product line includes formulations suitable for every member of the family, from infancy to adulthood. Whether it's the classic Sambucol syrup or the convenient gummies, each product is designed to provide comprehensive immune support, tapping into the natural powers of black elderberry. Stocking Sambucol products means offering your customers a brand that stands for quality, potency, and a holistic approach to health.


What makes Sambucol different from other elderberry brands?

Sambucol is The Original Elderberry Brand, known for its premium Haschberg variety elderberries and unique extraction process that preserves the berry's natural benefits.

Are Sambucol products suitable for all ages?

Yes, Sambucol offers a range of products formulated for infants, children, and adults, ensuring immune support for the entire family.

What are the key benefits of Sambucol's elderberry products?

Sambucol products are designed to support the immune system, harnessing the natural antioxidant properties of black elderberries.

Is Sambucol backed by science?

Absolutely, Sambucol represents the intersection of nature and science, with formulations that are the result of extensive research and traditional practices.

Can I offer Sambucol products at competitive prices?

UTN Wholesale provides Sambucol products at competitive wholesale prices, allowing you to offer great value to your customers.

How does Sambucol ensure the quality of its elderberries?

Sambucol uses only premium European Haschberg black elderberries, known for their high anthocyanin content and grown under optimal conditions for the best quality.

What range of products does Sambucol offer?

Sambucol's product range includes syrups, gummies, and tablets, all formulated to provide comprehensive immune support.

Why should I choose UTN Wholesale for Sambucol products?

UTN Wholesale is committed to providing authentic and high-quality Sambucol products, ensuring customer satisfaction and supporting the health and wellness of your community.