WipesPlus Wholesale.

Retailer Benefits: WipesPlus® disinfecting wipes offer a valuable addition to your health and wellness assortment. These wipes are rigorously tested for efficacy, killing 99.9% of bacteria and viruses, which fulfills the increasing consumer demand for effective sanitation products. By partnering with UTN Wholesale, you gain access to these high-quality wipes in bulk, ensuring a consistent supply at competitive prices. This arrangement includes compliant FBA packaging and efficient shipping directly to Amazon warehouses, simplifying your logistics and enhancing customer satisfaction.

WipesPlus Products

What is WipesPlus?

WipesPlus® is a brand known for its high-quality disinfecting products, specializing in wipes that are effective in eliminating germs and bacteria. These products are designed for use in various environments, ensuring cleanliness and hygiene in homes, offices, and healthcare settings. WipesPlus® offers solutions that meet rigorous safety and efficacy standards, catering primarily to bulk purchasers like retailers who supply to end consumers.

Why Choose WipesPlus® Disinfecting Wipes 

WipesPlus® offers disinfecting wipes that are effective against a broad spectrum of bacteria and viruses, making them essential for both home and office use. With their strong, non-abrasive formula, these wipes provide a dependable solution for maintaining cleanliness and hygiene.

Bulk Purchase Benefits 

Purchasing WipesPlus® products in bulk from UTN Wholesale allows Amazon retailers to maintain competitive pricing while meeting consumer demand for high-quality, reliable cleaning products. Bulk purchasing also ensures you never run low on stock, keeping your business prepared and proactive.

Featured Products from WipesPlus®

Among the standout products, WipesPlus® offers "Disinfecting Wipes Bulk" which are popular for their effectiveness and convenience. These wipes complement a range of products designed to cater to diverse cleaning needs, from personal hygiene to comprehensive home care.

Streamlined Supply Chain for Retailers

By choosing WipesPlus® through UTN Wholesale, retailers benefit from a streamlined supply process, including simplified FBA packaging and direct shipping to Amazon warehouses. This efficiency reduces overhead and improves turnaround times, enhancing customer satisfaction.


What are the key features of WipesPlus® products?

WipesPlus® products are known for their high efficacy in eliminating germs and bacteria, making them ideal for various sanitizing needs.

How can retailers increase their margins with WipesPlus®?

Retailers benefit from competitive pricing on bulk purchases, allowing for better margins when selling WipesPlus® products through platforms like Amazon.

Are there specific certifications for WipesPlus® products?

Yes, all WipesPlus® products meet rigorous safety and quality standards, ensuring they are certified for effectiveness and safety.

What is the minimum order quantity for WipesPlus® products through UTN Wholesale?

The minimum order requirement is $2,500, enabling retailers to stock up and meet customer demand efficiently.

How does UTN Wholesale support retailers selling WipesPlus® products?

UTN Wholesale offers logistical support, including FBA services, to streamline the selling process for retailers on Amazon.

Can individual consumers buy WipesPlus® products directly from UTN Wholesale?

UTN Wholesale primarily supplies retailers and businesses, so individual consumers are advised to purchase from authorized sellers.

In which settings are WipesPlus® products most commonly used?

WipesPlus® products are versatile and suitable for use in environments like homes, offices, and healthcare facilities where high sanitation is crucial.

What support is available for retailers unfamiliar with Amazon sales?

UTN Wholesale provides resources and guidance on navigating Amazon’s marketplace, including compliance and packaging requirements.