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Cotton mouth lozenges 3.3 oz pack of 2

Cotton mouth lozenges 3.3 oz pack of 2


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Alleviate Dry Mouth with Cotton Mouth Lozenges Cotton Mouth Lozenges provide an effective solution for dry mouth relief. These lozenges, coming in a 30-count bag, are specifically designed for adults seeking a convenient and tasty way to relieve discomfort associated with dry mouth.

Natural, Safe, and Doctor Recommended Each lozenge is sugar-free, naturally sweetened, and flavored, offering a pleasant taste without any bitter aftertaste. The formulation is gluten-free, GMO-free, fat-free, and preservative-free, ensuring a safe and healthy experience. These lozenges are made in the USA and come highly recommended by doctors and dentists, making them a trusted choice for dry mouth relief.

Convenient and Delicious The mixed-fruit flavor of Cotton Mouth Lozenges makes them not just effective but also enjoyable to use. Individually wrapped for convenience and hygiene, these lozenges are perfect for on-the-go relief.

Retailer Benefits: For Amazon retailers, Cotton Mouth Lozenges are an excellent addition to your health and wellness offerings. Their doctor-recommended status and all-natural formulation make them appealing to health-conscious consumers. UTN Wholesale provides these lozenges at competitive prices, allowing for an attractive profit margin.



1. What are Cotton Mouth Lozenges used for? 

They are designed to provide relief from dry mouth symptoms.  

2. Are these lozenges sugar-free?

Yes, they are sugar-free and naturally sweetened for a healthier option.  

3. What flavor are Cotton Mouth Lozenges?

They come in a delicious mixed-fruit flavor.

4. Are the ingredients in these lozenges natural?

Yes, they contain natural flavors, sorbitol, gum arabic, and other natural ingredients.  

  5. Is this product gluten and GMO-free?

Absolutely, it is gluten-free, GMO-free, and also free from fat and preservatives.

6. Are these lozenges recommended by healthcare professionals?
Yes, they are recommended by both doctors and dentists.

7. How are the lozenges packaged?

The lozenges are individually wrapped for convenience and hygiene. 

8. Are Cotton Mouth Lozenges made in the USA?

 Yes, they are proudly made in the USA.

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