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Knock Knock

Knock Knock Great Big Sticky Notes

Knock Knock Great Big Sticky Notes


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Amplify Your Message with Knock Knock Great Big Sticky Notes
Elevate your note-taking with the Knock Knock Great Big Sticky Notes. Gone are the days of cramming your thoughts onto small stickies. With these 4 x 6-inch sticky notes, you have ample space for all your reminders, lists, and ideas. Whether it's for personal use or the office, these Knock Knock stickies offer the perfect blend of humor and functionality.

The Perfect Tool for Organized Communication
In a world of quick texts and emails, the personal touch of a handwritten note still holds significant value. The Knock Knock Great Big Sticky Notes make it easy to jot down more than just a few words. Use them for detailed task lists, project notes, or even a lighthearted note to brighten someone's day. Their larger size means your message won't be missed!

Fun Meets Functionality in Every Sheet
What sets these sticky notes apart is their playful approach to everyday communication. Whether you're debunking 'fake news' in the office or leaving a noteworthy message for a coworker, the Knock Knock Great Big Sticky Notes add a touch of fun to your daily tasks. Each pad comes with 60 sheets, ensuring you won't run out quickly.

Retailer Benefits:
Offering Knock Knock Great Big Sticky Notes in your product lineup adds a unique and humorous twist to traditional office supplies. These stickies are not just practical; they're a conversation starter and a mood-lifter. Retailing these notes from UTN Wholesale gives you the edge in the competitive market of office supplies, attracting customers seeking both functionality and fun in their everyday tasks. With attractive wholesale prices and a product that stands out, you're set to boost sales and customer satisfaction.


  1. What is the size of each Knock Knock Great Big Sticky Note?
    • Each note measures 4 x 6 inches, providing ample space for more detailed messages.
  2. How many sheets are included in each pad?
    • Each pad contains 60 sheets.
  3. Are these sticky notes suitable for professional settings?
    • Absolutely! They're perfect for office use, providing enough room for comprehensive notes and reminders.
  4. What makes Knock Knock sticky notes stand out from regular sticky notes?
    • Their larger size, coupled with a touch of humor, makes them unique and versatile for various uses.
  5. Can these sticky notes stick to all surfaces?
    • Yes, they are designed to adhere well to most surfaces.
  6. Are Knock Knock stickies recyclable?
    • Yes, the paper used is recyclable, making them an eco-friendly choice.
  7. Do the Knock Knock Great Big Sticky Notes come in different designs?
    • Currently, they feature a unique design that suits various users.
  8. Is there a discount for bulk purchases of Knock Knock sticky notes?
    • UTN Wholesale offers competitive pricing and discounts for bulk purchases.

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