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Wink Closer Condoms 24 Pack

Wink Closer Condoms 24 Pack


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Enhanced Intimacy with Wink Closer Condoms

Step into a world of closer connection with Wink Closer Condoms. Designed for those who value both intimacy and safety, these condoms are a product of Okamoto's renowned craftsmanship. Merging an ultra-thin build with unwavering strength, each condom undergoes thorough triple-testing to ensure top-notch protection while maintaining a natural feel.

Remarkably Thin, Exceptionally Strong

Wink Closer Condoms take your experience to the next level with their high-grade soft-touch latex. This material is celebrated for its extraordinary thinness paired with robust durability. The ultra-fine latex delivers a tactile, skin-like sensation, ranking among America's thinnest condoms. Their dimensions—7.5 inches long and 4 inches around—guarantee a snug, comfortable fit.

Superior Lubrication for Comfort

Each condom is uniformly coated with a long-lasting, smooth lubricant, enhancing comfort and ensuring an enjoyable experience. The package also includes individual Yabai Personal Lubricant packets, further enriching your experience.

Advantages for Amazon Retailers

For Amazon retailers, Wink Closer Condoms are a standout choice. Their blend of ultra-thinness, robustness, and premium feel places them among the elite in condom brands. Offering Wink Closer Condoms through UTN Wholesale allows retailers to meet the needs of discerning customers who prioritize quality and intimacy in their choice of condoms.


1. What makes Wink Closer Condoms unique among other brands?

They are among the thinnest condoms in America, offering a close feel without sacrificing strength and reliability.

2. What is the size of Wink Closer Condoms?
They measure 7.09 inches in length and 2.106 inches in width, with a thickness of 0.04MM.
3. Are these condoms suitable for preventing STIs and pregnancy?
Yes, when used properly, they are intended to prevent pregnancy, HIV/AIDS, and other sexually transmitted infections.
4. What material are Wink Closer Condoms made from?

They are made from natural rubber latex.

5. Can these condoms cause allergic reactions?

As they contain natural rubber latex, they may cause allergic reactions in some individuals.

6. How are these condoms tested for quality?

Wink Closer Condoms undergo triple testing to meet the world's highest regulatory standards.

7. Is there a lubricant included with the condoms?

Yes, each condom is coated with lubrication, and the pack includes individual packets of Yabai Personal Lubricant.

8. How do Wink Closer Condoms compare to regular fit condoms?

They offer a closer fit with ultra-thin material, enhancing sensitivity and feeling compared to regular fit condoms.

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