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BioSteel Zero Sugar Hydration Mix 45 servings

BioSteel Zero Sugar Hydration Mix 45 servings


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Product Description


Instant Hydration and Great Tasting Flavor:

BioSteel Zero Sugar Hydration Mix contains 5 essential electrolytes that help balance fluids in your body, supporting energy production and muscle recovery. Stay hydrated and replenished with this convenient powder mix. Enjoy the fruity blend of juicy pomegranates and berries in the Rainbow Twist flavor.


Convenient Usage:

This Hydration Mix is perfect for home, office, or on-the-go use. Simply add one scoop to a glass of water, mix well, and enjoy instant hydration. It can also be prepared in a cup or team bottle for convenience during physical activities.


Nutrient-Packed Formula:

Packed with B vitamins, amino acids, and minerals, BioSteel Hydration Mix supports overall well-being while delivering essential nutrients needed to enhance physical activity. With zero sugar and non-GMO clean ingredients, it provides a guilt-free hydration solution.


Retailer Benefits:

By purchasing BioSteel Zero Sugar Hydration Mix in bulk from UTN Wholesale, the retailers can offer their customers a premium hydration solution. With its great taste, convenient usage, and nutrient-packed formula, this mix is perfect for fitness enthusiasts, athletes, and anyone looking to stay hydrated and energized.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


  1. How many servings are there in each tub of BioSteel Zero Sugar Hydration Mix?

Each tub contains 45 servings, providing long-lasting hydration and convenience.


  1. Is BioSteel Hydration Mix suitable for all ages?

While it's marketed for adults, it can be consumed by individuals of all ages who are looking to stay hydrated and replenished.


  1. Can I mix BioSteel Hydration Mix with any beverage other than water?

While water is the recommended beverage, you can mix it with other beverages of your choice for added flavor and hydration.


  1. Is this mix suitable for individuals with dietary restrictions?

Yes, BioSteel Zero Sugar Hydration Mix is vegan and contains non-GMO clean ingredients, making it suitable for individuals with various dietary preferences and restrictions.


  1. How does BioSteel Hydration Mix compare to other hydration products on the market?

BioSteel is committed to creating the most trusted hydration products, ensuring quality, taste, and effectiveness. With its nutrient-packed formula and NSF Sport Certification, it stands out among competitors.


  1. Can I use BioSteel Hydration Mix during intense physical activities or workouts?

Absolutely! BioSteel Hydration Mix is specifically designed to support energy production and muscle recovery during physical activities, making it an ideal choice for athletes and fitness enthusiasts.


  1. Does this mix contain any artificial colors or flavors?

No, BioSteel Zero Sugar Hydration Mix is free from artificial colors and flavors, providing a natural and delicious hydration experience.


  1. How should I store BioSteel Hydration Mix after opening?

Store the tub in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to maintain its freshness and quality.


  1. Is BioSteel Hydration Mix suitable for individuals with diabetes?

While it's sugar-free, individuals with diabetes should consult with a healthcare professional before incorporating any new supplements into their diet.

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