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Carbona Stain Wizard 3 Pack

Carbona Stain Wizard 3 Pack


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Product Description


All-in-One Stain Remover:

Carbona Stain Wizard is your solution for stubborn stains. With its extra-strength formula featuring natural bio-enzymes and a brush-top applicator, it removes fabric stains effectively.


Wide Range Stain Fighting Power:

Remove grease, protein-based, and strongly colored stains caused by fat, oil, blood, fruit, ketchup, vegetables, and many baby foods. Carbona Stain Wizard tackles a variety of stains with ease.


Safe & Effective:

Dermatologically tested and environmentally friendly, Carbona Stain Wizard is safe for your hands and disposal. It's suitable for washable and water-safe fabrics such as cotton, wool, nylon, polyester, and more (excluding silk, acetate, carpeting, or upholstery).


Retailer Benefits:

By stocking Carbona Stain Wizard from UTN Wholesale, the retailers get to offer their customers a reliable solution for removing stubborn stains from washable fabrics. With its all-in-one formula and wide range of stain-fighting power, this stain remover is a must-have for any household.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


  1. Can Carbona Stain Wizard be used on delicate fabrics like silk or acetate?

No, it's not recommended for use on silk, acetate, carpeting, or upholstery.


  1. Is Carbona Stain Wizard safe for the environment?

Yes, it's environmentally friendly for disposal.


  1. Does Carbona Stain Wizard require scrubbing?

Yes, use the brush-top applicator to work the product into the fabric for best results.


  1. Can this product be used on colored fabrics?

Test for colorfastness in an inconspicuous area before applying it to the stain.


  1. Is Carbona Stain Wizard suitable for use on all types of stains?

It's effective on grease, protein-based, and strongly colored stains, but may not work on all types of stains.


  1. How many applications does each bottle provide?

Each bottle contains 8.4 fluid ounces, providing multiple applications depending on the size and severity of stains.


  1. Does the Carbona Stain Wizard contain bleach?

No, the Carbona Stain Wizard is bleach-free.


  1. Is the Carbona Stain Wizard safe for my skin?

Yes, the Carbona Stain Wizard is dermatologically tested to be gentle on hands.


  1. How big is a container of Carbona Stain Wizard?

Each container holds 8.4 fluid ounces of product.

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