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ChildLife Essentials Liquid Iron 4 fl oz

ChildLife Essentials Liquid Iron 4 fl oz


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Product Description


Supports Healthy Growth and Development:

ChildLife Essentials Liquid Iron provides essential support for healthy growth and development in children. Iron is crucial for oxygen transport throughout the body, supporting overall well-being.


Tasty Kid-Approved Natural Berry Flavor:

Kids will love the natural berry flavor of these iron supplements, making it easy and enjoyable to incorporate into their daily routine. No more struggling with unpleasant tastes.


Gentle and Bioavailable Formula:

Formulated with Ferrous Bisglycinate chelate, this liquid iron offers a gentle and bioavailable formula specially designed for kids. It ensures optimal absorption without causing discomfort.


Gluten-Free and All-Natural:

ChildLife Essentials Liquid Iron is gluten-free and made with all-natural ingredients, providing a safe and reliable supplement option for children's health needs.


Retailer Benefits:

Buying ChildLife Essentials Liquid Iron in bulk from UTN Wholesale allows retailers to offer a trusted solution for supporting children's healthy growth and development. With its tasty natural berry flavor and gentle formula, this iron supplement is sure to be a hit among parents.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


  1. At what age can children start taking ChildLife Essentials Liquid Iron?

This iron supplement is suitable for infants and children of all ages, but it's recommended to consult with a healthcare professional for proper dosage guidance.


  1. How often should children take these iron supplements?

Dosage instructions may vary based on age and individual needs. It's best to follow the recommended dosage provided on the product packaging or consult with a healthcare professional.


  1. Is this product free from artificial colors and flavors?

Yes, ChildLife Essentials Liquid Iron is made with all-natural ingredients and does not contain artificial colors or flavors.


  1.  Can this iron supplement be mixed with other liquids or foods?

Yes, you can mix it with your child's favorite beverages or foods for easy administration.


  1. Are there any known side effects of taking liquid iron supplements?

While side effects are rare, some individuals may experience digestive discomfort or constipation. It's important to follow dosage instructions and consult with a healthcare professional if any concerns arise.


  1. Is this product suitable for children with dietary restrictions or allergies?

ChildLife Essentials Liquid Iron is gluten-free, but it's always recommended to check the ingredient list for any specific allergens or dietary concerns.


  1. Can I give ChildLife Essentials Liquid Iron with my child's medication?

Always consult your pediatrician before combining any supplements with medications to avoid potential interactions.


  1. Can I give ChildLife Essentials Liquid Iron to my newborn baby?

No, ChildLife Essentials Liquid Iron is not recommended for children under 6 months of age.


  1. How long should I give my child ChildLife Essentials Liquid Iron?

The duration of iron supplementation depends on your child's individual needs. Consult your pediatrician for guidance on how long your child should continue taking the supplement.

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