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Comfort Zone 9" Twin Window Fan with Reversible Airflow Control

Comfort Zone 9" Twin Window Fan with Reversible Airflow Control


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Product Description


Dual Speed Selection:

Enjoy the flexibility of choosing between two air output options with this twin-speed window fan. Select the low setting for a gentle airflow or opt for the high setting for a brisk breeze. Customize the airflow to your preference for maximum comfort and satisfaction.


Secure Auto-Locking Expanders:

Experience a secure fit with the auto-locking accordion expanders, adjusting effortlessly to fit window openings from 22-1/4" to 33". Enjoy hassle-free operation without the need for batteries, ensuring your fan is securely installed and properly sealed.


Versatile Reversible Function:

Switch between two modes of operation with the manual reverse option. Draw cool air into your home with the intake function or push hot air out with the exhaust function, promoting better ventilation and air circulation.


Portable Design:

Equipped with two sturdy feet, this window fan can be placed on a tabletop or any flat surface for optimal airflow. The convenient carrying handle allows for effortless portability, ensuring cool and refreshing air wherever you need it in your home.


Retailer Benefits:

Stocking the Comfort Zone Twin Window Fan at UTN Wholesale allows retailers to offer customers a versatile cooling solution for their homes or offices. With its dual-speed selection, reversible function, and portable design, this window fan provides maximum comfort and convenience.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


  1. Can this window fan be used in vertical or horizontal window openings?

This window fan is designed for horizontal window openings only.


  1.  What is the noise level of this fan?

The noise level is approximately 53.3 dB, providing a quiet operation for your comfort.


  1. Can this fan be used in rooms with high humidity, such as bathrooms?

It's recommended to avoid using this fan in rooms with high humidity, as it may affect its performance and longevity.


  1. Does this window fan come with a warranty?

Please refer to the manufacturer's warranty information for details on coverage and duration.


  1. Can the fan be operated manually without using the button control?

Yes, the fan can be manually operated by adjusting the controls directly on the fan.


  1. Is this window fan energy-efficient?

While it depends on usage, this window fan is designed to provide efficient cooling without consuming excessive energy.


  1. What is the recommended window size for installing this fan?

This fan is compatible with window openings ranging from 22-1/4" to 33".


  1. Can the fan be used in conjunction with an air conditioner?

Yes, this window fan can complement the cooling effect of an air conditioner by promoting better air circulation and ventilation.

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