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Fruit of the Earth Vitamin E Cream 8oz

Fruit of the Earth Vitamin E Cream 8oz


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Embrace Youthful Radiance with Fruit of the Earth Vitamin E Cream

Fruit of the Earth presents its Vitamin E Cream, a rich and nourishing formula designed to provide softer, younger-looking skin. Available in an 8-ounce tube, this cream is the perfect solution for anyone seeking effective skincare to combat dryness and signs of aging.

Nature's Best for Your Skin

Fortified with nature's most effective dry skin emollients, this cream combines vitamin E, aloe vera, wheat germ, sunflower seed oil, collagen, and elastin. These ingredients work together to keep your skin smooth, soft, and balanced while moisturizing to minimize the signs of aging.

Deep Hydration and Skin Revitalization

The double-rich formula of the Fruit of the Earth Vitamin E Cream offers deep hydration, ending dry skin and promoting a healthier, more youthful complexion. Regular use helps in achieving brighter, more rejuvenated skin.

Suitable for Full-Body Application

This versatile cream is not just for the face; it's ideal for full-body application. Whether addressing dry patches, stretch marks, or simply maintaining healthy skin, this cream is a go-to solution.

Retailer Benefits:

For Amazon retailers, Fruit of the Earth Vitamin E Cream is an excellent addition to your skincare offerings. Its effective formulation and benefits in skin nourishment and anti-aging make it a popular choice among consumers. Stocking this product through UTN Wholesale ensures access to a high-demand item with attractive margins.




1. What are the benefits of Fruit of the Earth Vitamin E Cream?

It provides deep hydration, ends dry skin, and helps minimize signs of aging for softer, younger-looking skin.

2. What key ingredients are in this Vitamin E cream?

It contains vitamin E, aloe vera, wheat germ oil, sunflower seed oil, collagen, elastin, and more.

3. Is this cream suitable for all skin types?

Yes, it's designed for various skin types, especially for those with dry skin or signs of aging.

4. Can this cream be used on the face and body?

Absolutely, it's suitable for both facial and full-body application.

5. Does this Vitamin E Cream contain any parabens?

Yes, it includes methylparaben and propylparaben as part of its ingredients.

6. Is the Fruit of the Earth Vitamin E Cream non-comedogenic?

The cream is rich and nourishing, but its comedogenic properties are not specified.

7. How often should this cream be applied?
Use it as frequently as needed for continuous hydration and nourishment.

8. What size does the cream come in?
It comes in an 8-ounce tube, ideal for regular use.



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