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Germa Mercurochrome Antiseptic 1 oz

Germa Mercurochrome Antiseptic 1 oz


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Discover New Auras of Healing with Germa Mercurochrome Antiseptic Tincture

A finely crafted Germa Mercuchrome antiseptic tincture is all set to facilitate the healing experience of your customers. This vintage mercurochrome is designed to heal minor cuts, scrapes, and burns effortlessly. With its mercury-free composition, it has become a must-have ingredient of first-aid kits across the globe.

The Marvels of Germa Mercurochrome

This vintage mercurochrome bottled in a 1 oz packing is delivered to set your wounds straight.

With its incredible antiseptic properties, it provides a reliable shield against infections in bruises and cuts. This marvelous mercurochrome solution ensures that your skin heals effortlessly.

Germa Mercurochrome at UTN Wholesale: A Profitable Deal for Retailers

With Germa’s legacy of high-quality antiseptics and mercury-free composition of Mercurochrome antiseptic solution, this tincture is a highly used antiseptic for first-aid.

At UTN Wholesale you get this product in bulk at an incredibly low retailer-centric price as compared to the prices offered in the market. This gives you enough room to sell the same product with a high margin on Amazon as a retailer. As a result, you get a competitive edge over other retailers and make some big bucks for yourself.

So, what are you waiting for?

Elevate the first-aid experience of your customers and skyrocket your sales effortlessly with retailer-centric deals of UTN Wholesale.


  1. What is the primary use of Germa Mercurochrome Tincture Antiseptic?

Germa Mercurochrome Tincture Antiseptic is a mercury-free antiseptic used as a first-aid antiseptic for cleaning and disinfecting minor cuts, burns, and scratches. It helps fight infections and facilitates the healing process.

    2. What is the shelf life of this product?

    Germa Mercurochrome Tincture Antiseptic has a carefree shelf life of 3 years allowing you the freedom of stocking up without getting worried about immediate expiry.

    3. Is this antiseptic free of mercury, as indicated in the product name and description?

    Yes. This vintage mercurochrome is free from Mercury.

    4. How is this product packaged for wholesale orders?

    Packaging size and shape depend upon the quantity of order. However, every order is packed in a way that is easy to carry and safe to handle.

    5. Is this tincture suitable for topical application on minor cuts and scratches?

    Yes. This antiseptic mercurochrome tincture is perfect for topical (external) application over minor cuts and scratches.

    6. Are there any safety precautions or warnings I should know when selling this product?

    The sellers and users must adhere to the protocols mentioned on the label of the product for safe handling and safe usage.

    7. Can I purchase Germa Mercurochrome Tincture in different package sizes or quantities?

    The bottle of 1 oz of this mercurochrome tincture is the most in-demand size at retail stores. However, we offer customized packing and quantity based on your unique needs.

    8. Is there a minimum order quantity (MOQ) for wholesale purchases?

    With UTN Wholesale, you get the lowest MOQ bar. You can order this product with a minimum quantity of 50 units.

    9. What is the suggested retail price range for this product on Amazon?

    1 oz bottle of Germa mercurochrome tincture roughly sells at an average of $9.99 per unit on Amazon.

    UTN Wholesale fulfills its promise of the highest profit margins for you.