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Hot Tools Pro Artist 24K Gold Marcel Iron

Hot Tools Pro Artist 24K Gold Marcel Iron


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Professional Hairstyling with Hot Tools Pro Artist 24K Gold Marcel Iron
Introducing the Hot Tools Pro Artist 24K Gold Marcel Iron, your ultimate tool for crafting long-lasting curls and waves with professional precision. This Marcel Iron/Wand, designed for stylists and hair enthusiasts, combines ergonomic design with advanced styling features, making it a staple in any salon or retail collection.

Versatile Curling Options
Choose from a variety of barrel sizes ranging from ⅜” for ultra-tight curls to 1 ½” for loose, flowing curls. Whether touching up natural curls or creating defined spirals, the Hot Tools Pro Artist 24K Marcel Iron offers unparalleled versatility.

Advanced Technology for Lasting Results
The 24K gold styling surface heats quickly and evenly, ensuring each curl holds its shape for longer. Combined with Pulse Technology® for consistent heat, it guarantees exceptional styling results.

Stylist-Preferred Features
The rotating handle allows effortless styling with one hand, reducing fatigue and enhancing user comfort. The foldaway safety stand and variable heat settings up to 430℉ cater to all hair types and textures, ensuring the Marcel Iron is as functional as it is effective.

Long-Lasting Durability
Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a 7-year limited warranty and the reliability of an 8 ft. professional swivel cord, making it a durable choice for continuous salon use.

Retailer Benefits:

Showcasing the Hot Tools Pro Artist 24K Gold Marcel Iron at UTN Wholesale empowers retailers to meet the high demands of professional hairstyling. This tool's versatility and advanced technology make it a must-have for stylists and hair enthusiasts alike. Offering this Marcel Iron means providing customers with a durable, professional-grade product for creating long-lasting curls and waves, enhancing the appeal of any retail haircare collection.


  1. What styles can be created with the Hot Tools Pro Artist 24K Gold Marcel Iron?
    • "Create curls, waves, and spirals with precision and ease."
  2. Is this Marcel Iron suitable for all hair types?
    • "Yes, with variable heat settings up to 430℉, it's versatile for all hair types."
  3. What makes the 24K Gold surface special?
    • "It heats up quickly and evenly, ensuring long-lasting curls."
  4. How does the rotating handle benefit users?
    • "It allows for one-handed styling and reduces styling fatigue."
  5. Can the Marcel Iron be used for professional salon purposes?
    • "Absolutely, it's designed for both salon professionals and retail customers."
  6. What safety features does the Marcel Iron have?
    • "It includes a foldaway safety stand for secure storage."
  7. How long is the warranty for this product?
    • "The Hot Tools Pro Artist Marcel Iron comes with a 7-year limited warranty."
  8. Is it easy to store and handle?
    • "Yes, thanks to its ergonomic design and professional swivel cord."

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