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Play Monster

Marbleocity Dragon Coaster

Marbleocity Dragon Coaster


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Engaging STEM Learning with Marbleocity Dragon Coaster
Elevate your product range with the Marbleocity Dragon Coaster, a dynamic and educational offering from PlayMonster. This innovative building kit not only captivates with its intricate design but also educates young minds about engineering and physics in a hands-on manner.

Hours of Educational Fun
The Marbleocity Dragon Coaster takes approximately three to five hours to build, offering a fulfilling and immersive experience. Once assembled, the coaster becomes a kinetic sculpture, featuring dips and turns that showcase the principles of energy and motion.

Expandable for Continued Enjoyment
In addition to the standalone enjoyment, the Dragon Coaster can be connected to the Marbleocity Skate Park (sold separately), allowing for an expanded marble run experience. This feature adds layers of playability and encourages continued engagement.

Retailer Benefits:

Adding the Marbleocity Dragon Coaster to your UTN Wholesale offerings connects retailers with the growing trend of STEM learning toys. This engaging, buildable coaster from PlayMonster is not just a toy, but a tool for educational enrichment, blending physics and engineering concepts with hands-on fun. It's an ideal choice for retailers aiming to attract families and educators seeking interactive, educational products that promote learning through play.


  1. What age group is the Marbleocity Dragon Coaster suitable for?
    • "Designed for ages 12 and up, offering a challenging yet rewarding building experience."
  2. How long does it take to assemble the Dragon Coaster?
    • "Typically, it takes three to five hours to build, depending on skill level."
  3. Is the Dragon Coaster compatible with other Marbleocity kits?
    • "Yes, it can be connected with other kits like the Marbleocity Skate Park."
  4. What materials are used in the Dragon Coaster?
    • "It's made from high-quality, precision-cut wood for durability."
  5. Does the kit require any special tools for assembly?
    • "No special tools are needed, just household white glue."
  6. What educational concepts does the Dragon Coaster teach?
    • "It introduces concepts of engineering, physics, and energy conservation."
  7. How big is the Dragon Coaster when assembled?
    • "It measures 8 inches in height, a perfect size for display and play."
  8. Where is the Marbleocity Dragon Coaster manufactured?
    • "It's proudly made in the USA, ensuring top-notch quality."


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