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P.M.I. Among Us Action Figures | All Four 4.5-Inch-Tall Collectible

P.M.I. Among Us Action Figures | All Four 4.5-Inch-Tall Collectible


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Product Description


Complete Among Us Action Figures Set


Get all four crewmate action figures, including red, pink, and cyan crewmates, and a uniquely shaped blue ghost. Each figure stands 4.5 inches tall and comes with detachable hats and hands, offering various customization options. These action figures serve as both decorations and entertainment. Inspire offline matches and detective work as children immerse themselves in the world of Among Us with these toys.


Perfect Gifts


These action figures make excellent gifts for Among Us enthusiasts of all ages. Whether starting a collection or completing one, these toys offer endless fun and creativity. Use them as party favors or decorations for Among Us-themed events.


Retailer Benefits


Stocking the P.M.I. Among Us Action Figures allows retailers to tap into the popularity of the Among Us franchise. With its appeal to both children and adults, these toys offer a versatile option for fans and collectors alike.




  1. How tall are the Among Us action figures?

Each figure stands 4.5 inches tall, making them ideal for display or play.


  1. Are the hats and hands detachable?

Yes, the figures come with detachable hats and hands, allowing for customization.


  1. Can these toys be used as party favors?

Absolutely! These action figures are perfect for Among Us-themed parties and can be given as favors to guests.


  1. Are these action figures officially licensed?

Yes, P.M.I. is licensed by InnerSloth, the creator of Among Us, ensuring authenticity and quality.


  1. Can children play with these toys?

Yes, these action figures are designed for kids and adults alike, offering endless imaginative play possibilities.


  1. Are these figures suitable for display?

Definitely! These collectible action figures look great on shelves or desks, adding a touch of Among Us fun to any space.


  1. What accessories are included with the figures?

The box includes 8 hats, hands, and accessories, allowing for various character combinations.


  1. How many characters are included in the set?

The set includes four characters: red, pink, and cyan crewmates, and a blue ghost, each with their unique accessories.


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