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WOW! PODS Marvel Avengers Collection

WOW! PODS Marvel Avengers Collection


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Illuminate Your Marvel Universe with WOW! PODS Marvel Avengers Collection
Delve into the world of superheroes with the WOW! PODS Marvel Avengers Collection. These collectible toy figures, including the intriguing Venom from the Spider-Man movie franchise, are a must-have for Marvel enthusiasts. Each character is encased in a 4-inch tall, hexagonal POD, complete with built-in UV lights that bring the figures to life. Swipe your hand across the sensor to illuminate the POD, revealing hidden icons and enhancing the display of your favorite Marvel characters.

Connect, Collect, and Display Your Superhero Saga
The WOW! PODS Marvel collection isn't just about individual pieces; it's about creating an interconnected universe of your favorite heroes and villains. These PODs are designed to connect in numerous ways, allowing you to build unique displays on walls, shelves, or tables. The collection extends beyond Venom, featuring various characters from Marvel, DC, Space Jam, Disney, Pixar, Jurassic, and Sonic, allowing fans to create an expansive universe of iconic characters.

A New Dimension of Collecting
Each WOW! POD from the Marvel collection comes with a promise of quality and authenticity, being officially licensed merchandise by Disney Consumer Products. The light-up feature adds a new dimension to your collectibles, turning your display into a dynamic and interactive showcase. Perfect for fans of all ages, these WOW! PODS offer a unique way to celebrate your love for the Marvel universe.

Retailer Benefits:
Stocking the WOW! PODS Marvel Avengers Collection at UTN Wholesale offers a fantastic opportunity for retailers. These items cater to a wide range of customers, from young Marvel fans to serious collectors. The unique light-up feature and the ability to create custom displays make these PODs stand out in the collectibles market. Offering these officially licensed products can attract a diverse customer base, looking for quality and authenticity in their collectibles. UTN Wholesale provides these popular items at competitive wholesale prices, ensuring a valuable addition to your inventory with promising profit margins.


  1. What characters are included in the WOW! PODS Marvel Avengers Collection?
    • The collection features various characters from the Marvel universe, including Venom from Spider-Man.
  2. How do the WOW! PODS light up?
    • They have built-in UV lights that activate when you swipe your hand across the sensor.
  3. Are batteries included with the WOW! PODS?
    • No, they require 2xAAA batteries, which are not included.
  4. Can the WOW! PODS be connected for display?
    • Yes, they are designed to connect in multiple ways for unique displays.
  5. Are these WOW! PODS officially licensed?
    • Yes, they are officially licensed by Disney Consumer Products.
  6. What is the size of each WOW! POD?
    • Each POD measures approximately 4 inches in height.
  7. Are these suitable for children of all ages?
    • Yes, they are perfect for Marvel fans of all ages, both boys and girls.
  8. Can these PODS be mounted on walls?
Yes, they can be displayed on walls, shelves, or tables, as preferred.

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