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Lipton Premium Black Tea K Cups 12 Count

Lipton Premium Black Tea K Cups 12 Count


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Product Description


Convenient Single-Serve Pods

Lipton's Premium Black Tea is packaged in K-Cup single-serve pods, allowing you to brew a cup of hot tea in less than a minute. Each pod contains a rich and robust tea blend that's full of flavor and energy, providing a convenient solution for tea enthusiasts on the go.


Natural Energy Boost

Formulated with natural caffeine and theanine, Lipton Natural Energy offers the perfect pick-me-up beverage to keep you alert and energized throughout the day. Enjoy the refreshing taste of this aromatic tea blend while reaping the benefits of its energizing properties.


Certified Kosher and Convenient

Certified kosher by the Orthodox Union, Lipton's Premium Black Tea K-Cup pods contain enough tea for a single cup, providing a convenient and hassle-free brewing experience. While the pod is typically designed for one-time use, it can be reused for a second brewing, although the tea may be slightly weaker.


Retailer Benefits:

Retailers sourcing Lipton Premium Black Tea K-Cups from UTN Wholesale gain a competitive edge in catering to consumers who seek a natural energy boost. UTN Wholesale's efficient logistics and customer support services ensure seamless transactions and timely delivery to empower sellers at Amazon FBA.



1- How many pods are included in each pack?
Each pack contains 12 K-Cup Single Serve pods of Lipton's Premium Black Tea to provide ample servings for multiple tea sessions.

2-Does this tea contain natural caffeine?
Yes, Lipton Natural Energy contains natural caffeine derived from tea leaves.

3- Can I reuse the K-Cup pods for a second brewing?
While the pods are designed for single use, it is possible to reuse them for a second brewing. However, the tea may be slightly weaker in flavor compared to the first brew.

4- Is this tea suitable for hot and iced beverages?
Yes, Lipton's Premium Black Tea K-Cup pods are versatile and can be brewed with hot water or over ice for a refreshing iced tea beverage.

5- Is Lipton Natural Energy certified kosher?
Yes, Lipton Natural Energy K-Cup pods are certified kosher by the Orthodox Union to ensure strict adherence to kosher dietary laws.

6- How does Lipton Natural Energy compare to coffee?
Lipton Natural Energy offers a flavorful alternative to coffee for those seeking a quick energy boost.

7- Can I enjoy this tea throughout the day?
Yes, Lipton's Premium Black Tea K-Cup pods are suitable for enjoying any time of day.

8- How should I store the K-Cup pods for freshness?
To maintain freshness, store the K-Cup pods in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and moisture.

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