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Lipton Tea Bags, Green Tea, Honey Lemon 20 Tea Bags

Lipton Tea Bags, Green Tea, Honey Lemon 20 Tea Bags


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Product Description

Delightful Honey Lemon Chamomile Flavor:

Lipton Tea Bags in Honey Lemon Chamomile flavor offer a delightful blend of decaffeinated green tea infused with chamomile flowers, lemon grass, and licorice root. Experience the soothing and refreshing taste of this unique tea blend, perfect for relaxation any time of day. Crafted with Rainforest Alliance Certified green tea, this green tea is a healthy heart beverage option.


Versatile Brewing Options:

Whether you prefer hot tea or iced tea, Lipton Green Tea is easy to prepare. Simply bring water to a boil, steep the tea bag for about two minutes, and enjoy a comforting cup of hot tea. Alternatively, pour the brewed tea over ice for a refreshing iced beverage.


Retailer Benefits:

Retailers sourcing Lipton Green Tea Bags from UTN Wholesale gain access to a popular beverage choice for health-conscious consumers. UTN Wholesale's efficient procurement and distribution channels ensure timely delivery. With this benefit, retailers can maintain a competitive edge and meet consumer demand effectively.



1- What flavors are included in Lipton's Honey Lemon Chamomile Green Tea?

Lipton's Honey Lemon Chamomile Green Tea features a blend of decaffeinated green tea, chamomile flowers, lemon grass, licorice root, roasted chicory root, natural flavor, and soy lecithin.

2- Is Lipton Green Tea Decaffeinated Honey Lemon Chamomile suitable for individuals with dietary restrictions?

Yes, this tea is decaffeinated and does not contain any artificial additives. Thus, it is suitable for individuals with various dietary restrictions.

3- How many tea bags are included in each pack?

Each pack contains 20 tea bags, providing multiple servings for enjoyment throughout the day.

4- Can I enjoy Lipton Green Tea hot and cold?

Yes, Lipton Green Tea can be enjoyed both hot and cold.

5- What is the recommended brewing time for Lipton Green Tea?

For hot tea, steep the tea bag in boiling water for about two minutes. Adjust the steeping time according to your desired strength of flavor.

6- Is this tea suitable for individuals looking for a caffeine-free option?

Yes, Lipton Green Tea Decaffeinated Honey Lemon Chamomile is caffeine-free.

7- Does this tea contain any artificial sweeteners?

No, Lipton Green Tea is unsweetened and does not contain any artificial sweeteners. Enjoy the natural flavors of the tea blend without added sugars.

8- Can I enjoy this tea before bedtime?

Yes, since this tea is decaffeinated, it can be enjoyed before bedtime without concerns about caffeine interfering with sleep.

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