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Tazo Decaf Chai, Spiced Black Tea 20 Count, Pack of 6

Tazo Decaf Chai, Spiced Black Tea 20 Count, Pack of 6


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Product Description


Decaffeinated Spiced Black Tea:

Enjoy the bold and aromatic flavors of Tazo Decaf Chai, a spiced black tea blend crafted with cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, and other exotic spices for a delightful chai experience. Made with naturally decaffeinated black teas, rooibos, and a blend of spices, Tazo Decaf Chai offers a rich and complex flavor profile that captivates the senses with every sip.



Versatile Enjoyment:

Whether you prefer your tea hot or iced, Tazo Decaf Chai is perfect for any occasion. Savor its warm and comforting flavors during cozy evenings or refresh with an invigorating iced chai on hot days. Customers rave about the taste and value of Tazo Decaf Chai, praising its full flavor and consistency. With its affordable price and delicious taste, it's a must-have for any tea enthusiast.


Retailer Benefits:


By listing Tazo Decaf Chai, retailers can offer their customers a premium decaffeinated tea option with bold and spicy flavors. With its popularity among chai lovers and good value for money, Tazo Decaf Chai is a staple addition to any tea selection. By procuring this item from UTN Wholesale, you can make good profit margins along with providing customers with a satisfying chai experience.




  1. Is Tazo Decaf Chai made with real spices?

Yes, Tazo Decaf Chai is made with a blend of real spices, including cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, cloves, and black pepper, for an authentic chai experience.


  1. How is Tazo Decaf Chai decaffeinated?

Tazo Decaf Chai is naturally decaffeinated using a gentle decaffeination process, ensuring that the rich flavor of the tea and spices remains intact.


  1. Can Tazo Decaf Chai be enjoyed with milk or sweeteners?

Yes, Tazo Decaf Chai can be customized according to personal preferences. Add milk and sweeteners like honey or sugar to enhance the flavor to your liking.


  1. Is Tazo Decaf Chai suitable for vegans?

Yes, Tazo Decaf Chai is suitable for vegans as it contains no animal-derived ingredients.


  1. How should I brew Tazo Decaf Chai for the best flavor?

To brew Tazo Decaf Chai, steep one tea bag in freshly boiled water for 46 minutes, allowing the spices to infuse and create a rich and flavorful chai.


  1. Can Tazo Decaf Chai be enjoyed both hot and iced?

Yes, Tazo Decaf Chai can be enjoyed both hot and iced, offering versatility for different preferences and seasons.


  1. What makes Tazo Decaf Chai unique compared to other chai teas?

Tazo Decaf Chai stands out for its bold and spicy flavor profile, crafted with a blend of premium black teas and exotic spices, offering a satisfying chai experience without caffeine.



  1. Does Tazo Decaf Chai lose its flavor over time?

No, customers praise the consistent flavor of Tazo Decaf Chai, noting that it maintains its rich and bold taste even after prolonged storage, ensuring a satisfying chai experience every time.

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